Interconnect Ltd

Carrier Voice & SMS B2O

Established in 1999, Interconnect has been a strong force in wholesale voice communications, setting industry standards with unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence. With over two decades of experience, we have consistently delivered top-notch communication solutions to our valued clients. At Interconnect, we take pride in our cutting-edge technology, seamless connectivity, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Our legacy is built on a foundation of trust, reliability, and innovation, making us the preferred choice for businesses seeking a partner in wholesale voice & SMS communication. Join hands with Interconnect and experience the future of seamless and reliable communication solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. ουιφτοιγηρτογι

Carrier Voice

Interconnect has been active on the wholesale voice department from 1999. We started making connections with national and international operators such as OTE, Tellas (Wind), Forthnet (NOVA), UUNET, MCI Worldcom and more. For the international market, we had a couple of dozen directs to CIS countries and our A-Z suppliers were Arbinet and later Verizon Deutschland.  Interconnect started gathering routes from all over the world with bi-lateral agreements blooming and had to adopt in order to support the massive amounts of traffic that were carried by our sequipment.
In 2019 we restarted the VoIP telephone platform and the SMS platform for corporate users. We beleive that we can support more needs of our customers by imlementing a bond between our retail and corporate department with our wholesale voice & SMS departments. We also currently operate our own geographical number range in Greece, constantly expanding and providing corporate telephony to businesses and DIDs to big international companies.

Wholesale Voice Department

By striving to accomodate more and more of our customer needs, we have managed to create a large portfolio of strong operating routes that we believe can accomodate almost every company. You can rest assured that whatever your needs may be, we have you covered. We take pride in our impressive and capable technical support team, making our clients problems and requests, our number one priority.

Our Team

Our senior managers have been serving the wholesale voice industry for more than 20 years, making them the so-called experts in this industry. Combining their expertise with the capability and speed of our technical support team, Interconnect has managed to become a well-renowned force in the voice industry.


Getting into the wholesale telecommunications business seems relatively easy nowadays. Staying and growing in this business, well that’s another question all by itself. After growing our voice department, we were bound to venture into the SMS realm as well. Exploiting our own information and knowledge, both of the market and the technical requirements, we were quick to initiate the SMS business. Knowing that no business can ultimately excel in the industry by not having a well established hardware and software presence, we focused on structuring this venture so that we can build it collectively with our partners. Now, SMS holds the 10-15% of our wholesale business with a noteworthy amount of strong interconnections. If you are a customer that wants to leverage our aggressive rates or a supplier that is looking to partner with us, we are open to discuss any potential business ventures.