Doing business with InterConnect is a convenient and reliable cooperation style, which has been already tested by a number of international partners. We actively and with interest work with companies of all sizes and of different financial capabilities.

Due to the presence of more than 250 connections across the globe, we are ready to offer our services of traffic transit to:

  • multi-million dollar companies
  • fixed and mobile operators
  • international suppliers
  • startup at VoIP market
  • small calling card operators

InterConnect provides voice services worldwide. Company terminates calls to the local PSTN and GSM- network, and supports both traditional TDM (SS7 and PRI) and IP connections based on ITUH.323 and SIP.

Multitasking and a wide range of customers with different «weight category», allow us to develop in a real-time mode as well as rapidly improve the quality of voice traffic services.

We remain flexible in building partnerships, but stable in the best pricing policy and quality of services.

International transit service

International transit service is redirection of calls to the highest quality routes, using our network and points of presence.

This service provides the ability to:

  • choose the quality of international traffic (Premium and Standard, Retail);
  • direct calls to all destinations of the world (from A to Z );
  • receive the most competitive prices, corresponding to the quality of delivered services;
  • receive round-the-clock technical services and on-time troubleshooting;
  • receive timely notification of new profitable routes;
  • receive timely payments, which prove the company’s financial stability;
  • receive 24/7 technical support